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Hold the outreach, Charity Vision Indonesia examines 300 merchants at Colo bus station – Kudus

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Charity Vision Indonesia has again shown its dedication in helping people who are experiencing vision impairment by holding a subsidized eyeglasses and free eyes examination  for merchants at the Colo bus station, Dawe District, Kudus Regency, Thursday (27/6/2024).

A large crowd of approximately 300 merchants at the Colo bus station eagerly participated in the free eye examinations provided by Charity Vision Indonesia. They were also delighted to have the opportunity to select subsidized eyeglasses, expressing their appreciation for the organization’s efforts.

Wijiana, a representative of Charity Vision Indonesia from Kudus are, explained that the event aimed to show concern for people experiencing visual impairment.

“This initiative reflects our concern for individuals experiencing vision impairment, ensuring they have access to properly fitted eyeglasses at a significantly contribution,” Wijiana stated.

“While self-purchasing eyeglasses can be expensive, ranging from 400,000 rupiah upwards, we offer subsidized eyeglasses with affordable contribution, she explained.

Wijiana further mentioned that Charity Vision Indonesia frequently conducts similar outreaches at schools.

“We often visit schools to assist students who suffered vision impairement, enabling them to receive the support they need and focus effectively on their studies,” she explained.

Separately, Pipit, a local resident, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the community and traders for Charity Vision Indonesia’s outreach initiative.

“I have participated in two eye examinations organized by Charity Vision Indonesia’s outreach, and I am thrilled to see them here,” Pipit remarked.

“I came with my children and husband, who have all benefited immensely from this program. Not only did we receive eye examinations, but we also had the opportunity to obtain subsidized eyeglasses, which has undoubtedly alleviated our financial burden,” she stated.

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